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Interview with Ybini


GN1 Wookiee Love

GN2 The Curse of the Twi'lek

GN3 Wookiee Chef

GN4 Jedi Encounter

GN5 Spicy Chubas

GN6 What a Downer

GN7 Mysteries of the C.H.

GN8 Flight of the Newbish

GN9 Labels of Doom

GN10 Innate Abilities

GN11 Accidentally Annoyed

GN12 Mounting Fear

GN13 Greep Meets the Grinders

GN14 Wookiee Life Day

GN15 House for Sale

GN16 Imperial Humor

GN17 Another House Offer

GN18 The Snub

GN19 Fear the Name

GN20 Mysterious Hat

GN21 Lemonade

GN22 Jedi Teachings

GN23 Victory Cry

GN24 Revolution

GN25 Adventures in Respec

GN26 Party of One

GN27 Delusions of Grandeur

GN28 Lucky Spawn

GN29 Rodian Methodology

GN30 Sensitive Artist

GN31 Krayts

GN32 Chicken or the Egg

GN33 An Exodus

GN34 Culture Clash

GN35 Rebels in Restuss

GN36 Restuss Starport Standaround

GN37 Roleplay gone wrong


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your ideas?
I get them from in game. A lot of the things in the greep happened to me, or I did. The rest are overheard in cantinas and guildchat. A lot of the random characters are of people I see in game. I take screen shots so that I can draw them as close as possible. I don't post their names or anything, as they might not like the characterizations that I use, because a lot of times, I don't know them personally.

Your stuff is corny, whats the deal?
I try to keep it PG-13 like the game's rating. I want my kids to be able to read my comic.

Why the google ads?
Hosting isn't free, the google ads are an attempt to try and make my doodles pay for themselves.

Can you make a comic of (insert whatever)?
Yes, you can submit ideas to me through here.

How often do you update the comic?
I try to maintain a weekly schedule. Its hard to stop playing the game long enough to draw.

Real artists don't use copy and paste, I can tell you do.
Who said I was a real artist, and what does that have to do with you enjoying the comic? And if bothers you, I'll try and get over it.

What do you use to draw.
I originally started with paper and pencil and scanned it in then touched it up with Paintshop Pro 7. I found the touch up was taking forever, so I tried using the mouse. I've used the mouse since episode 5. Click here to see the first draft.

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