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Interview with Ybini


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An Interview with Greep's Creator and Valcyn's own Ybini
Interview by  Valcyn's own Ikassa



We see our hero sitting in a comfy leather chair in a well-lit room lined with bookshelves. There is a small recording device on the table by the lamp, and I sit across from him.


So, why play SWG?

Because itís Star Wars.  Itís really my first MMORPG I've ever played.  The closest thing before this was Dungeon Siege, and it was excellent.  But the idea of getting to be a Wookiee was kind of a big lure for me.  Though originally, I was planning to be a smuggler and stay neutral, but the ongoing war theme appealed to me.


How long have you been a Star Wars fan? How big of a fan are you?

Since I first saw the movie.  I had to have been six years old.  I think my dad must have wanted to see it and took me along.  I can still remember it clearly.  Though I do recall not getting the aspect of the light sabers during the first saber fight.  I kept wondering why they were getting shorter and longer, it was just that the sabers were pointing towards me, and I just didn't understand that idea that young.

I'm an average fan I suppose.  I collected the figures when I was young, watched all of the movies when they came out.  Dressed up as a Star Wars character once.  (I think thatís a minimum fan requirement)  I have the movies in DVD and VHS. 


Did you idolize any of the characters? (I thought Leia was the shiznit of course, and Dakk always wanted to be a ST... *pulls a face*)

Well, I liked Chewbacca the best really.  He was just too cool, Han was a close second.  I didn't really like Luke much until the Empire Strikes Back. 


Of course, I should have known!  :D  I love the droids too. 

"I suggest a new strategy: let the wookiee win!"

What part of the game do you think represents the movies best?

I like the new Jump to Light Speed. It sure makes it a lot more "Star" Warsy.


Want some coffee? How do you take it?  :)

One cup, lots of sugar and cream =D


Ah, a wookiee after my heart, I think I usually hit the saturation point with sugar heehee.

 *passes over a steaming cuppa joe*

When did you first think your two daughters would like to play? Have they played games like this before?

Yeah, the invention of cappuccino spelled the end of my coffee days (unless I'm desperate from playing SWG Ďtil 2am).


When they first saw the character creator, thatís when I knew they would be, and they did.  They each have maxed out their accounts with different style characters.  They played Disney's Toontown and liked it a lot, aside from the fact that they couldn't really converse with anyone.  It was highly restrictive in that regard (which is probably a good idea for the age group). 


And Locutis is your father in real life, how did he get into it? Was he a gamer before SWG?

Well, he has been a science fiction fan forever, we both like Star Wars and Star Trek a lot.  I had talked about the game and he showed some interest in it.  So for Father's day I got him a copy, thinking he could at least give it a try.  This was his first MMORPG too.  He had done some Unreal Tournament a little bit, but thatís about it. 


Do you know many people that age who play?

I've met quite a few people of all kinds of varying ages as far back as when Quake 2 was popular. I'd guess 20s-40s as the norm. 


Do the four of you play together mostly? Does having so many playing help the spouse/family faction issue?  :)

The kids play when I'm on normally, they like the Ybini escort service to ward off the Wookiee hungry animals and bad guys.  Locutis is just about on all the time, sometimes he's busy with a group, sometimes we go do stuff together.  We've been doing a lot of JTL together lately.  Gotta love the X-wing.  It eases the spouse faction some, mostly during family events.

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